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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Evie!

Two years ago today I got a phone call from my son-in-law, Nick announcing that Kate had delivered a little girl, Evelyn Elise Abbott. I was in the car within 10 minutes and headed for the hospital in Ballard where she was born. In an hour and a half's time I was sitting in the hospital room holding my grand daughter. Where was grandma?

Evie and her mom and dad on her birthday,  February 11, 2015.
Well, she was at a music conference in Yakima, WA, an annual affair she always attended though she was certain the delivery would happen while she was stuck over there. After a couple of hours of cooing and cuddling with little "Evie" I headed home. But the next day I headed for the meet up point Leslie and I had agreed to east of Seattle and drove her straight to Nick and Kate's house and Leslie met her grand daughter.

I still recall Kate looked like she had just awakened from a great night's sleep instead of delivering a bowling ball. What an adorable family. 

Today, we celebrate Evie's 2nd birthday. Two years of unbelievable, indescribable joy for us. We have thoroughly enjoyed the role of grandparents and all the perks that go along with it. Showering her with our love and. of course, gifts. Being able to share in some of her milestones--crawling, walking, talking. the first time she called us by Gammie and Gammpy, having her recognize our house when they pulled up. When she ran into our arms as soon as the front door opened and she spotted us. Watching her wave to us as we stood on the front porch waving goodbye when they left.

Each shared "first" just fills our hearts to bursting. Her first ice cream on a visit out to Orcas Isand. I bought a cup of ice cream and her momma let me give her a taste. I walked in the back of our little group but Evie kept peeking around at me while riding warmly in her Ergo on her mama's front. I'd see her head peek around with an anxious, expectant look waiting for me to bring her another taste. The look on her face was one of discovering the mother lode! We were best buds after that, especially if I had ice cream in my hands.

She also knew that if any one was going to let her get away with watching too much Peppa Pig or Wallace and Grommit episodes, it would be Grammpy. 

Evie shortly before her 2nd birthday, 2017.
I was on call from time to time when she was too sick to go to school or mama and daddy had to go to work. Being retired I was always able and very ready to drive down and take care of her. This made Grammie very jealous but gave me opportunities to have Evie all to myself. We'd walk up to Greenwood for breakfast or over to the pocket park for a little fresh air or visit the zoo, but mostly we stayed in and played and played and played.

Two years has now gone by and Evie has traveled to 6 continents and I can't remember how many countries. Places she'll never remember when she grows up but places that wlll nevertheless enrich her on levels we won't know for some time. She knows her cousins in England, her Grandma and Grandpa in London. She has friends, children and adults scattered across the globe, many of which she met only momentarily but nevertheless left a sweet, joyous memory with.

She is a talented musician, soccer player, artist. She is a charasmatic leader, a pied piper among her peers at school. She has a great sense of humor and loves to read. She is always absolutely filled with joy and wonder!

In short, Evie is amazing in every way. Two years and all this has unfolded as a part of who she is. I can't wait to see what the next two bring. Happy birthday, Evie. Grammy and Grammpy love you!!

P.S. This is all highlighted in yellow, Evie's favorite color!

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