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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crummy Climate Closes Classes!

A little alliteration to start the day! It's 19 degrees outside as I write this at 6:30 am. School has been closed for the day (the reason I am up at 6:30) and so the day stretches before me. I'll get some prep done for the big Thanksgiving party on Thursday.

Conferences we
re all canceled for the next two days. I don't know what that will mean for making them up. We are giving parents the option of not having one since we sent a letter home with the report cards. So, hopefully, with a couple of exceptions, they won't need to be made up.

We now have 21 coming for Thanksgiving. We have a second smaller turkey thawing and folks will be bringing food as well, so I can't imagine anyone will be starving. It should be a pretty wonderful celebration if everyone can get here safely.

We even went out and bought a couple of new double inflatable beds, so we can now officially sleep nine. With the weather and the distance some are traveling, we may be a full house Thursday night. Warm and cozy! Happy Thanksgiving one and all!