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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Richmond Night Market

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada plays host to an Asian night market on summer weekend evenings. Music, kareoke, great deals on clothes, electronics, luggage and more, plus a fantastic array of foods from Asian nations including China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Some of the offerings are recognizable from any neighborhood ethnic Asian restaurant, but many others are more exotic and hard to find. Pronouncing the names of the foods is beyond me, but we ate dishes with octopus and squid, pork, beef, chicken and then there were the dishes featuring fruits. We tried a UFO, a dessert made of shave ice piled high and sprinkled with fresh stawberries, mangos and the fresh juices from those fruits. Delicious and refreshing!

All of this fun opens at 7 pm and continues until midnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer. It comes to an end all too soon in early October.

Everything is done with cash. With the exchange rate almost even at this writing, they even take American dollars, though you'll receive Canadian money in return.

Most food items are $2 to $3, however there are some items which are pricier and

you can opt for combination plates that will give you a variety of tastings and include a beverage.

Check out this fun video clip of aguy selling a knife ala Ron Popeil in Chinese! People watching is definately great at the Market. So many people representing so many cultures.

Everyone was having fun and I felt absolutely safe despite the fact that there were so many people.