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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Motor For Our Tender

Finally, the old 4 horsepower 1980's vintage Mariner outboard can be put to rest! Kind of sad actually. I'd spent a lot of hours working on it, repainting it and replacing parts in an attempt to make it last a couple of more years. So, onto Craig's List it goes so someone far more mechanical than I can hopefully make use of it. It does start, but only after far too many pulls!

Today I took possession of a brand new Honda 2 horsepower outboard motor. Air cooled, only 27 pounds (the Mariner was closer to 40), a full 5 year warranty and it starts first time, every time!

After researching what to buy and where to get the best price for the past couple of months, I thought I'd found a supplier out of Florida. Further research uncovered a couple of issues. First, it turns out Honda dealers can't ship outside their area. Buyers out of the dealer's sales area must physically pick up the motor. Too bad because the price was really great. As it turned out I couldn't find any good reviews on the quality of service from that company.

Then, last weekend, West Coast Marine Services held its grand opening here in Bellingham advertising great prices AND they are a Honda dealer. I stopped by and got great help from the staff who walked me through everything I needed to know about starting the motor, basic maintenance, they even started it up in their tank and discovering the oil level was a little high, drained a bit off and retested the the motor. It was the best price I have found outside the one in Florida.

I can't wait to attach it to our year old 11-foot Mercury tender hanging off the stern of the Key of Sea. It should be so much easier to hang the Honda on the transom and start it on the first pull.

See you on the Sound!