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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bucket List

I've had a number of bucket list items scratched off over the years. Another is about to be eliminated as we journey to Central/South America next month for a cruise through the Panama Canal.

We found an extraordinary deal on our favorite travel deal website Go to the cruises to go part of that site and click on the '90 day ticker' link. This takes you to a very long list of cruises to every part of the world at deeply discounted prices. As the date of the cruise nears the prices often continue to improve. Our tickets for a 14 day cruise are $900 for a cabin with a balcony looking out on the sea. We figure anytime you can get an all inclusive price less than $100 a day now days, you are doing pretty well. This price is...under $65 a day. Quite a savings! and with a balcony. Here is our cabin layout.

Our itinerary sounds great. too! We fly to LA on Allegiant Airlines out of B'ham, a direct flight for only $100. We board the Coral Princess, one of the Princess Cruise Line's fleet and spend 5 days at sea followed by ports of call in Costa Rica, two stops in Panama on the way through the canal, a stop in Cartegena, Columbia and another a day in Aruba. Then we head for Fort Lauderdale.

At each of our ports of call we have planned shore excursions that let us enjoy the city sites and natural beauty of the country. Aboard ship we will, of course, enjoy the cuisine but also the outdoor big screen movie theater, the art auction and take walks on the

This buoy marks the southern most point in the continental U.S.
Following our cruise we plan to spend a few days with dear friends in Naples, Florida. Those who know me, know of my love for geographic points on the map. Four Corners in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado; the beach at Race Point on Cape Cod; Sagres, Portugal, the end of the world and southwestern point in Europe, the green sand beach at South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. On this trip we will drive out to the Key West buoy, southern most point in the the continental U.S.

As of this writing, we have about 30 days before we head off on our next grand adventure together. After last year's trips to Thailand, Spain, Portugal and eastern Canada, we are really excited about this trip. Look back in the weeks ahead for all the photos and details of our experience.