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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Fairytale Wedding

Your mother and father read them to you from the time you were a little tyke sitting in their lap. You read about them yourself when you were finally able to read on your own. But did you ever think you would be suddenly pulled into the pages of one and experience it first hand? Of course not! They're only fairytales and they never actually happen to anyone unless they are royalty or exceedingly rich.

But last Saturday, January 3, 2009, my wife and I not only experienced it first hand, but were part of it; a fairytale wedding with our own daughter as the princess.

The Ashton Court Manor House needed no help to look the part of a royal palace and our daughter looked every bit the princess as I escorted her down the aisle while the choir sang My Spirit Sang All Day. Handing her off to her beloved Prince Nick, was a bittersweet moment for me despite having absolutely no reservations to their marriage. This was my little girl all grown up and heading off into life on her own with the love of her life, arm and arm.

The ceremony lasted about a half hour and included poetry readings, scripture, more beautiful singing by Exultate, the choir with which both Nick and Kate sing.

The wedding party and guests retired to another beautifully appointed room of the manor for champagne, gin and tonics, appetizers and jazz. The wedding party also drifted outdoors long enough to have lots of photos taken. The pub was open and everyone mingled.

A British tradition of a Wedding Breakfast was served after a bit. Though it in no way resembled a breakfast, roast beef with veggies and Yorkshire Pudding was served. Speeches were made by the bride's father (me), the Best Man, the Maid of Honor and the Bride and Groom. I had agonized for months over this speech, what to say, not to say, etc. It was so important to me that it said what I wanted said, needed to say at that moment and that it would be said well. Apparently, based on the comments I received anyway, the speech was a hit. The Best Man roasted Nick with hilarious stories, the Maid of Honor said sweet things about the bride and the bride and groom expressed thanks to those who helped make the wedding happen and to their parents who made them happen!

More jazz, this time a Gypsy Jazz band and then back into the Music Room where the day had started for dancing to DJ Pat.

The bride and groom flew off to Sicily for a 10 day honeymoon and everyone else headed back to their lives of mundane normalcy. We too were pulled out of the storybook and back to our lives at school and pulling our pants on one leg at a time. For our bride and groom, the fairytale continues and the princess and her prince ride off into the sunset living happily ever after.

Kate and Nick's Ashton Court Wedding--2009