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Monday, January 9, 2017

He's Not My President

I didn't vote for him. He represents none of the values I, nor do I believe, most Americans hold dear. Despite his winning the election by Electoral College acclamation, He lost the popular vote by some 3 million votes. I know, I know, I didn't mind when the last election went the way I wanted it to in the Electoral College.

I don't necessarily have a problem with the Electoral College making the ultimate decision. That's not my concern in all of this messy election cycle. It has instead been the way that it has divided our country. People who didn't even like the winner simply wouldn't vote for the loser under any conditions...and vice versa.

From the beginning I was for the Democrat, not because I liked her but because I agreed with the party's progressive platform. The problem with the winner was that he didn't even honor his own party's platform. He continuously veered off into unpredictable territory that changed from one day to the next so that no one had any idea what he believed or planned.  Even his "minders" couldn't keep up with him so they found themselves making ridiculous excuses for him and taking all the flak for how ridiculous they sounded.

My stock answer to complainers is, "I told you so." And I did. I spent the entire election cycle from primaries on, posting the terrible things the winner had done for many years and was still doing. Sharing posts on Facebook, etc. The marriages, the sexual abuse, the stupid statements that made no sense including those that further divided  the nation. And with every opportunity the Republicans, ignored him figuring he'd kill himself off in the primary. Well, now he has come home to roost and all the Republicans can do now is support what they've got, as icky as it might be.

So, brace yourself folks. The next four years ain't gonna be pretty. For all those who voted for independent candidates instead of the democrat or stayed away from the polls entirely in protest of the choice, you helped elect him. You get to take some of the blame for what is to come. For those who voted for the court jester about to take office thinking he was going to "drain the swamp" only to look on now with your mouths hanging open as he selected one billionaire after another to key offices or, listened to his lies promising to put her in jail, only to watch as he dropped the entire subject saying he was only kidding or, listened to all the fake news stories, the truth of which was there all along right under the surface if you'd only taken the time to dig a tiny bit deeper, well, guess what, your laziness and stupidity elected him. Congratulations, America! You got yourself a real winner....but he's not my president.