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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Fresh Water Pump Issues

So, my 5 year old fresh water pump went out during our recent cruise in Canada. 5 years old! The one
Old 12 volt pump
before that lasted over 20 years! No fresh water out of the taps or shower for the last two days of the trip. As we were in marinas that didn’t cause much hardship. I figured I’d install the replacement pump I had aboard when we got home.
24 volt pump I can't use
Today I am down at the boat doing just that. I get the old one out of the tight spot it lives in down in the utility tunnel squeezed between the waste tank, hot water heater and isolation transformer. I’m balancing on my head with my glasses slipping up so I can’t focus on the job. I finally get the new pump ready to go in, wire it up, flip on the switch to make sure it worked before connecting the water supply and....nothing. I rewired it to make sure I connected it correctly and...nothing. Upon closer inspection I spotted the problem. The new unit operates on 24 volts, not 12 which is what I need. A quick call to Fisheries Supply and the correct model is on its way and I am on my way to the post office to mail the other one back to them.
So, for a few days, there will be a hole in the floor of the salon waiting for the new pump. Geeez!
The pump's location
Now you would think when you call and order a new water pump for a boat that the sales rep, who works for a boating store, would have the sense to ask if you need a pump for a 12 or 24 volt system. In fact, the pump I removed was labeled that it worked on a 12-24 volt system. Of course, the person doing the ordering, me, might also have the good sense to ask that they send me a 12 volt version. Ah, well, live and learn.
Hatch to get at the pump
Follow up to my earlier posting regarding the fresh water pump. I’m driving to Seattle tomorrow to pick up the new one and drop off the other one.
Hopefully, by Saturday the new pump will be up and running! Then, on to the
next project.

The photo to the left shows a close up of the utility tunnel below the main helm. The black spots are roughly where the old pump lived. The photo to the right shows the hatch below the main helm that I had to reach down into to get at the pump and wire up and plumb the new one.

I called Fisheries Supply this afternoon and asked for the new pump to be set aside at Will Call. I will make a quick trip down to their store tomorrow, drop off the 24 volt model I can't use and pick up the 12 volt model I will install on Saturday.