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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Key of Sea

A short walk down the dock,
the twilit sky is fading toward night,
Stars peak out from the warmth of their heavenly quilt
The air still, all the world is silent.

The moon makes her entrance,
jumping into the sky above the snow-capped mountain,
and begins again her eternal traverse
the stars bowing to her as she floats by.

The sea below mimics the panoply,
of this eternal journey reflected in the depths,
where so many terrestrial dreamers sleep
and the depths are still, all the world is silent.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

The dinner is over and done and, in fact, a leftover dinner party has come and gone as well. The fridge is back to normal and now we are looking forward to Christmas in a few weeks time.

Our Thanksgiving celebration was shared with friends Peggy, Fred and Lara Wepprecht here in our home. Our families split up the cooking duties and
everything was brought together Thursday afternoon for one spectacular meal!

The menu:

Bacon wrapped stuffed dates


Soup course--

Squash and apple soup with garam masala

Salad course-- Mango, apple, radish salad with horseradish dressing and smoked salmon on the side


--Roasted turke
y marinated with kosher salt and rubbed sage
--Sourdough dressing with apples and sausage
--Mashed potatoes with calvados gravy
--Corn pudding
--Roasted brussels sprouts with chanterelle mushrooms and bacon
--Cranberry relish

Apple pandowdy

Bread pudding with calvados sauce

We were all pretty impressed with ourselves after thi
s meal was served and right up until we had eaten way too much. Then we sort of sat around wishing the holiday hadn't been invented--at least the food part of it.

Last night we hosted our annual leftover party and had a dozen folks by with leftovers in hand. Added to our our own leftovers, a second bacchanalia took place, the second in only 3 days. It was quite a mishmash of items which is the real fun and everything was delicious. Plus it gave us an excuse to get together with a lot of our best friends.

In the fridge, defrosting, is a nice, sensible piece of halibut which will be the featured guest at our dinner tonight. Just the two of us, a small piece of halibut, a small dinner salad and maybe a few brussels sprouts. A nice 500 calorie dinner! Whew!