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Monday, August 2, 2010

Bellingham Breakfast Specials

Where's the best place to get breakfast in Bellingham? I thought it might be a good idea to offer some ideas from my perspective. Bellingham is no dining mecca to be sure though there are a few, and only a very few, exceptions. However, where breakfast is concerned a few more options open up. Here is my list of favorite places in no particular order. They all have their pluses and minuses.

Avenue Bakery
Old Town Cafe
The Bagelry
The Mount Bakery
Harris Avenue Cafe
Web Locker

Well, that is a longer list than I thought. It does not include the chains like Denny's and IHOP nor a few other locally owned places that for a variety of reasons don't make my list.

Avenue Bread and Cafe--My wife and I love Avenue for a weekend breakfast or to stop in and buy their delicious breads. We usually stop in to buy a loaf or two of their day old loafs, especially the whole grain loaf. Their breakfast eggenues are a delicious and economical way to start the day. Combined with a cup of their great coffee options, you have a terrific breakfast made with the best organic, local ingredients. Have a seat with your number and the friendly staff will locate you at your table where you can greet local friends or peruse the morning papers.

Old Town Cafe--A real local spot. Here you'll rub shoulders with folks from all walks of life but it does lean toward the college student, granola crowd. We love the community table where several people can sit and you never know who your neighbors will be. Due to the all organic nature of the place, prices aren't the lowest of the spots on my list, but the food is hearty, well prepared and delicious. I enjoy there steel-cut oatmeal with fresh fruit, the home-made granola with yogurt and fruit as well as the full breakfasts with eggs, thick sliced bacon, browns and whole grain toast.

The Bagelry--another local favorite and with good reason. They make some of the best bagels I have eaten west of NYC. These are the real thing. Lots of flavors to choose from and they also offer a good breakfast and lunch. My only grip is that they serve their food on paper plates and plastic tableware. Otherwise, good funky place for a good well-priced hot breakfast with great bagels!

The Mount Bakery--Another funky spot downtown Bellingham, the bakery is noted for its pastries, Belgian waffles, croissants, Eggs Benedict with organic eggs, freshly made hollandaise sauce and local Hempler bacon. Look for you Benedict on a Belgian waffle topped with fesh local crab or smoked salmon. They also make wedding cakes and truffles using Belgian chocolate. My only complaint here is that the dining area's tall ceiling and bare walls tend to make the place rather noisy.

Harris Avenue Cafe--This little cafe is located in Fairhaven, what was once a separate community long ago became a part of Bellingham. It is the most scenic part of Bellingham attracting locals and tourists in droves. The Cafe is quite like The Old Town Cafe in many ways. It too is rustic, funky and attracts the granola crowd as much as the rest of us. Great granola, and oatmeal, organic local products are served. Eggs any style, local potatoes, breakfast meats, and the sweeter side, pancakes and waffles, are served as well.

The Web Locker--Our final stop, this cafe is my most recent find. Due to my new involvement with boating, I found the Web Locker in the local Squalicum Harbor. This place is especially great to sit in the outdoor seating on a beautiful sunny Bellingham summer day. Open for breakfast and lunch, Web Locker's recently got some big attention when it was nominated for having the best burger in western Washington. Its New England style clam chowder is also a local favorite. As good as their lunch is I'm here for the breakfast menu and that ain't bad either. Quick, friendly service, fair prices and good food are what you'll find here. Eggs and omelets, browns, bacon or sausage, toast and a cup of coffee. just what the doctor ordered before heading down to work on the boat.

So get out there and enjoy a good breakfast. Choose on of my favorites or go looking for your own. Only, please, if IHOP or Denny's are your cup of tea, well, just keep it to yourself thanks.