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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Ride!

After an unhappy, undistinguished 9 years of transportation service, we recently retired our 2001 Volkswagen Beetle at our neighborhood Toyota dealership.

I know, I know, I've heard all the TV news stories, the newspaper articles and news magazine sidebars about Toyota's recall. Cars speeding out of control. Gas pedals stuck to the floor with no way to stop the car. I am just not convinced the problem has been absolutely been proven to be a chronic issue with any Toyota automobile.

Let's face it, some modern day news reporters aren't known for their unbiased reportage. Hyperbole rules the day. Sappy music underneath supposedly real news stories to add drama? Carefully chosen words that melodramatically paint pictures of ultimate tragedy or catastrophe when, on a global scale, it barely rates mentioning.

I believe Toyota is largely a victim of the hyperbolic rantings of news sources out primarily to boost ratings at the expense of the longtime stellar reputation of the Toyota Motor, Co.

Oh, I am sure that under the right circumstances Toyota is as competitive as the next guy. But unlike many American car companies, they have carefully cultivated and deservedly earned their reputation for building outstanding automobiles. I can't imagine Toyota would frivolously toss aside decades of blood, sweat and tears over a fifty cent repair. And that is why I drove into the parking lot of our local dealership the other day and sat across from a salesperson to negotiate for a brand new Prius.

I have long admired the Prius, not only for its extraordinarily high gas mileage but also for the design team's dedication to building the car of green materials.

So our old VW is retired now after 108,000 miles and a new car representing the newest technology of the 21st century now sits in its place in our garage.