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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks Tim!

Since the beginning of June we have had the use of the creative talents of Tim Singer here nearly everyday working to create a brand new landscape for our front garden. Tim the rock guy, as we call him, erased our front garden and carefully created two rock walls which hold back two new terraces of garden space. The lower terrace will be newly landscaped with a few mature plants moved from other locations in the yard, but mostly with recently purchased plants we found on Craig'sList. A wholesale nursery west of Portland, Oregon advertised gallon plants for a fraction of the cost in a retail nursery. We drove down and checked out their farm, were very impressed and placed an order. 100 plants will shortly arrive at our home where 100 holes will be dug for each plant's new home. Big job! Behind the upper wall is a second terrace where a new lawn has been rolled out that is watered by our new automated watering system. As the rock walls neared completion we spoke to Tim about the lawn and watering system we planned to install next. He let us know he could do that type of work as well. He bid the job and we were pleased enough to give him the go ahead to do the job. Well, Tim's work is done now. The rock walls are the talk of the neighborhood. Everyone comments on how beautiful they are. The lawn is bright green and thriving with a brown border surrounding it awaiting the plants will that will ring the lawn. An automated drip system will feed just the right amount of water to each plant. The rest of the garden is up to us now and then only time will tell how the garden will turn out. Thanks Tim for your artisan's touch, the strength of your back, your ideas, skills and your insistence on perfection. I know you are proud of the way the project turned out, but we couldn't be prouder either. Well done, Tim!