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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama Wins! America Rejoins Humanity!

It sounds really, really good! President Barack Obama. After two long years of campaigning and eight years of feeling ashamed to have to admit that our president is George Bush, last night at about 10 pm Pacific time, Barack Obama took to a stage in Grant's Park in Chicago, making history and accepting the results of election 2008 with an inspiring speech.

Tears of pride and joy streamed down the faces of millions of Americans, many, of course, the faces of African Americans who have waited for over 200 years for this moment of ultimate acceptance. But all Americans could feel proud of this moment. Here is a leader all can look to as a man of honor, integrity, passion, commitment and intelligence.

His victory speech was eloquent, beautiful, articulate, hopeful and it mesmerized the over 100,000 folks standing in Grant's Park and the millions watching around the world.

Mom and I sat in a living room across town at an election party which was loud and talkative. But when Barack took the stage the mood turned serious--all eyes glistened, all ears taking in his every historic word.

A real sense of pride in our country and a feeling that we had truly rejoined the human race after 8 years of living in the dark ages filled the room.

This morning newspaper headlines across America announced the dramatic news! I looked all over trying to find a copy of the video of the speech and found this link. Enjoy!