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Saturday, June 6, 2009

South America

We are only a week away from our concert tour of Argentina and Uruguay. The WWU Concert Choir and friends will depart Bellingham on Sunday, June 14th for Buenos Aires. I will go along as a friend and supporter of the choir, listen in on their concerts and tag along on all the other activities.
I am most looking forward to being able to rack up my sixth continent and to explore the foodie world of these two countries. I'll report back on my findings--the best (and worst if any) of the cuisines and take lots of photos. My initial research says to enjoy the beef.

The beef is grass fed as opposed to our corn fed beef. It is actually supposed to be better for you and have much better flavor. Apparently they grill all parts of the beef so there will be opportunities to sample much of the anatomy!

The weather should be interesting as it will be winter there as opposed to our summer. So the temps will probably be more enjoyable for me, a lover of cooler weather.

We also travel across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia del Sacramento, a beautiful colonial city, for a couple of days as well as another city or two before returning to Argentina.

As our trips overseas go this is a fairly short one but we are still excited about it since it takes us to a culture we have never experienced.
Upon our return to the U.S. we immediately pick up Ray and Liz Abbott, the parents of our son-in-law, Nick who will visit for a couple of weeks.
What a busy summer line up we have and that only gets us through the first week of July!

The rest of the summer will be filled with re-landscaping the front garden, summer classes, short road trips around the region, my annual salmon fishing trip to Canada and end with a visit by Kate and Nick at the end of August.