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Friday, March 25, 2011

Anchor Update

Purchased a new 15 kg Bruce-style anchor at Pacific Marine for $125. I was told it was a good price since it had been around the shop a long time and they hadn't raised the price on it. Then went home and my wife asked me if I had checked around comparing prices? No, I hadn't so I spent the evening doing just that. I did manage to find it cheaper on-line but the shipping charges made it slightly more expensive than the one I had just purchased. Hmmm.

Then, I decided to try the local marine stores--LFS and Redden Marine.
Low and behold, there, on the Redden Marine website, was a North Star Bruce-style anchor, 15 kg and only $95. A quick call to them and I found out they had 15 of them in stock. So, I'll be taking back the used boat store anchor and getting my choice of one at Redden's for $30 cheaper. That's $30 more towards the new outboard dinghy motor I want to get this season. $30 I can use towards the new scope for the anchor that also needs to be replaced this season.

Can't wait for this weekend.