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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pleasant Bay Hideaway

Today we headed southeast out across Bellingham Bay toward Chuckanut Bay and the tiny harbor of Pleasant Bay. Under way about an hour brought us to the lee of Governor's Point.

I first noticed this little spot a few years ago, long before purchasing the Key of Sea. We were visiting friends who were house sitting in a home along Chuckanut Bay. The home sat right on the water and had a sweeping 180 degree view of Chuckanut Bay. Sitting out on the deck, I noticed boats rounding a peninsula to the west and dropping anchor in a quiet little bay on the lee side of the peninsula. I just looked perfect!

So today we headed there with our friends Ken and Vicky. We slowed to enter the tiny harbor and began looking for a spot to tuck in between the other two boats currently at anchor and drop our own. We passed a power boat on our right and received a friendly wave from those aboard. We gave them a wide berth for no other reason than to gave them their privacy.

On our left a 40 foot sailboat was anchored and someone was relaxing in a hammock which was slung across the deck. A curious head raised up over the top of the hammock for a moment and then disappeared.
We slowly idled past, tucked into a spot nearer shore and turned into the wind. Leslie and Ken walked out on the bow and slowly lowered the anchor off the bowsprit. The anchor hit bottom in 50 feet of water. I reversed engines attempting to get the anchor to bite into the muddy bottom. Our first attempt failed, so they brought the anchor to the surface and we tried again.

On the second attempt I felt the anchor bite and the bowsprit dip slightly. We were in. Engines were cut. For the next hour or so we continued to keep a nervous eye on our location and I set the anchor alarm on the GPS for a little insurance. Any movement more than a hundredth of a nautical mile and an alarm would sound. Eventually though, we all began to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

We fixed lunch and had a nice visit before pulling up anchor and heading north toward home.
On the away in we spotted the tall ships, Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain were out having a mock cannon battle with each other. We detoured and circled the ships to get a good look.

Back in harbor I made a picture perfect landing, washed down the boat and headed home. Another great day at sea, sir!

Monday, May 10, 2010


So, the problem is how to sort out my time so that I am giving equally to the garden and to the boat. Tough to have so many hobbies that you just run out of time to act on them all.

This weekend was no different. The lawn needed to be mowed and the weather was perfect for doing it. But perfect weather also meant it was great for boating. Well, the boat won out this weekend definitely. In fact we spent two beautiful days on the water.

Saturday started out with a Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Wepprecht's home. Great food by chef Fred and his sous chef Peggy. When the party ended we all hustled down to the harbor and aboard Key of Sea for an afternoon romp around the bay. Got back into harbor in time to wash down the boat and head home.

Mother's Day Sunday, we had reservations aboard the Victoria Star for a cruise out to Victoria, BC. Had a marvelous time and got back to B'ham about 8 pm and home with only enough time to get a load of laundry going and watch a Masterpiece Theater mystery.

The lawn is yet to be mowed. Maybe today!