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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Update

The remodel is now underway full blast with our man Dave on the job everyday now and making real progress in a short time.

In just the past three days he has the new Marmoleum down, the new cabinet in place and the new toilet is attached to the floor. Tomorrow the water will be connected and it will be a fully functioning toilet. The fancy new toilet seat doesn't have to be lowered in place. Just get it started and it slowly lowers itself. Whoa!

The cabinet is a beautiful pecan colored hardwood. The doors and drawer fronts will go on next week. The granite countertops will be measured so the undermount sink will work and our Craftsman style faucets of brushed nickel will match the new retrofitted accents in the shower and tub.

It won't be long and we'll be hanging the art and opening for business. One of the new art pieces can just barely be seen in the photo above on the right. More about it in future blogs.

Notice the wall color. A bit bold but as this room come together it is really growing on us. The color comes from the palette of colors used in Frank Lloyd Wright's (our architectural hero) Falling Waters home. So we are thrilled to have discovered the paint company that sells it.