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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grand Opening!

Monday, April 13, 2009, the guest and master bathrooms in our home were finished today. Our carpenter/plumber/electrician, design stylist Dave Ivie completed his work and bid us another fond farewell at the end of the day.

We wish to thank Dave Ivie from the bottom of our hearts for all his careful hard work. For the times when he questioned our judgement and turned out to be right and for all the little touches he added that we never thought of that made the project come together so beautifully. We can't begin to thank you enough. You are and will always be a special part of our family.

To recap, we have painted both rooms, replaced the linoleum, toilets, sinks, counter tops, faucets, shower and bath hardware, showerheads, shower curtain rods, towel bars, tp dispensers, outlet and switch plates, drawer pulls and the fans and recaulked everything.

The only thing remaining from the old bathrooms are the tub and shower enclosures.

I am so excited about how things look I thought I'd take you on a virtual tour using my FlipVideo camera. So let's cut the ribbon and take a tour of the new facilities!