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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let It Snow!

We've no place to go thank heaven, because here in Bellingham, we have about 8-10 inches of snow on the ground. Depending, of course, on where in town you live. Up here on the hill, Alabama Hill, we have about 10 inches sitting on top of our hot tub. And more is coming! Yikes!
By tomorrow night they are saying we have a REAL storm coming through that could potentially double the amount we already have and then some.

We're fine huddled up in our home. We have plenty of provisions since we have learned to go to the the grocery store ahead of these predicted storms. We have plenty of de-icer to throw
down on the driveway and walks. With our rather steep driveway it is important to have the de-icer so we can drive down and back up the driveway if we did need to get out in the car.
I missed a day of subbing today as a result of the snow. All the schools in the area are closed for obvious reasons and I seriously doubt they will reopen tomorrow. So I guess I am done
subbing until we get back from our upcoming trip to Thailand. That ought to be a bit of an improvement on the weather here!

Here are some photos of what it looks like outside my windows.

By the way, I will be reporting from Thailand with photos and blog entries soon so check back for my reviews of our trip to this exotic place.