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Monday, October 11, 2010

Making the Cover!

Our 1987 Bayliner 3218 Motoryacht was put on the cover of magazine this week.

After I wrote and mentioned that the boats on their cover were always fancy, high-speed, newer model Bayliners and never older vintage models, I received this week's edition and their she was--The Key of Sea in all her glory.

A number of folks wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed seeing the photo.

I am, naturally, a very proud papa.

Here is a follow up on the bottom paint work being done on the boat. Here are some new photos of the new bottom paint on The Key of Sea just before she is put back i
n the water on Tuesday.

Smooth as a baby's bottom she is. The bumps along the bottom are through-hulls, places where ocean water is pumped in for various purposes and others a
re the sensors for the depth finders and other instruments. These spots were carefully checked to make sure there were no leaks and they had a solid contact with the hull inside and out. The jacks (angled metal devices) holding the boat in place will be moved so that those spots can be painted as well.